A Cold Brew Delivered Right To You.

Hops is a mobile application that allows beer enthusiasts to locate and purchase from different local breweries and beer vendors from home

Challenge :


Increase awareness to market to target a specific audience of beer enthusiasts

Solution :

Create a platform to purchase local beer

Expand the MicroBrewery Community

Earn Profit for Vendors and Delivery

Provide a safe and efficient way to have beer delivered right to your door (COVID-19)


What is a stylescape?

A stylescape is a collection of images, typography, color, textures, and mockups to define the identity of a brand. This allows designers and their clients to be on the same page during a  creative project. Implementing stylescapes with clients allows the visual communication of a brand to go even further than a moodboard can go.    



Hops got its name from the Humulus Lupulus used to produce beer but also as a clever way to reference quickly jumping from one point to another.


Hops with its slanted sans-serif logotype gives that feeling of quick and efficient delivery. The final version with the beer bottle was chosen as the most recognizable logotype to support a beer delivery brand.   


Since this would be developed as an application, we constructed a simple way to help users perform three functions:

- Sign Up

- Buy 

- Sell 

- Deliver


The wireframes below show only one of the functions, purchasing beer on the Hops mobile app.   


Below is a simple walkthrough of purchasing beer on the Hops Prototype.